Weeks 17-20 Bumpdate

Week 17, 18, 19 & 20 Pregnancy Bumpdate photo || Hayley Fiser || thehayleyfiser.com

It's been insane around here with the holidays and the gender reveal party. Now it's time to catch everyone one up on what happened as I approach the half-way point of the pregnancy.

When are weeks 17-20?

Friday, December 22, 2017 - Thursday, January 18, 2017

What’s the size of the baby?

By week 20, baby is the size of a banana, and is measuring 6.5 inches and 10.1 ounces.

Waist size?

Near the end of week 20, I was measuring 32.5 inches around, which is an inch bigger than I was measuring at week 16


Body: My belly is still super itchy all the time... it will get so bad that it can even wake me up at night some times. This super cold weather is already causing my skin to be extra dry, which doesn't make it feel any better while it gets stretched out. Other than that, I feel pretty good.

Sleep: I'm still waking up through out the night, and I've come to the conclusion that it's going to be this way for a long time. Surprisingly, I feel like I have a decent amount of energy still. There are some days I could use a nap, but I'm no where near as exhausted as the first trimester.

Cravings & Aversions: Still lots of cheese and red meat.

Nausea: Luckily, this isn't an issue anymore!

Movements: Baby is moving a ton now. It makes my day when I feel a little kick during the day. There have even been a few nights that I stay awake for hours enjoying every one of those little movements instead of sleeping. I absolutely love the feeling, and I know I'm going to miss it after he's born.

Dreams: I have noticed that I'm having a lot more dreams. However, just like pre-pregnancy, I can never really remember what they're about. I only remember a few snippets hear and there, but I couldn't explain to someone what happened.

Stretch Marks: None yet.


We are extremely excited to announce that we will be welcoming a little baby BOY! Our anatomy scan was on the morning January 12, and we had a gender reveal party planned with a small group of family for the following afternoon. The plan was that we would wait to find out the gender until the party... but the little guy had other plans.

Our ultrasound tech said she would let us know what she would be measuring the femur, and we could look away. Then she'd print out an ultrasound picture with the gender to put in the envelope I had brought. Whelp... within the first minute of the ultrasound, when she was trying it figure out how he was positioned, there was a few seconds we got a clear shot of him in all his man-spreading glory.

I knew immediately what we had just seen. I looked at Jay and said, "Did you see that?!" He was completely lost... I said (when Jason tells the story he says I yelled), "It's a boy!" He did not believe it and said "are you sure" like 3 times. It took the ultrasound tech saying that it was indeed a boy and showing Jay the shot again for it to sink in for him.

It's honestly one of the best (and funniest) memories I have of this whole pregnancy. I also find it funny that this little boy is already throwing a wrench in our plans from inside the womb. He's going to be a little firecracker - but with Jay and I for parents, we already knew that :)

Must have items?

Lotion and coconut oil in every drawer, crack and crevice of the house! I need something to moisturize my skin within arms reach at all times, or else I found myself sitting there scratching a ton.

What do you miss?

Snowmobiling. There have been a few times that it has been perfect conditions to go snowmobiling, and I can't go. Luckily for Jason, my parents have visited a few times, and my dad is more than happy to be his riding partner :)

What are you looking forward to?

Setting up the nursery. We ordered a furniture sometime in the last couple weeks, and it should be here by mid- to late-February. There is a lot of work to do in that room, but I'm so excited to start decorating a place for our little guy.

Best part of these weeks?

That's an easy one! It was definitely finding out the gender and telling our family and friends.

Challenges this week?

Honestly, nothing comes to mind. Everything went very smoothly over the holiday and leading up to our gender reveal party. Plus, my symptoms have been very mild this trimester.

Hubby’s thoughts?

First, Jason is extremely excited to be having a little boy. I know he would have been elated to find out we were having a girl, but there's a part of him that has always dreamed of having a son. He has a very special bond with his dad, and he's been looking forward to having a bond like that with his own son since he was a little kid.

Second, he got to feel the baby kick! Randomly, Jason will put his hand on my belly in bed, or when I'm standing around. One of those times, he felt a little "flick" feeling on his palm when the baby moved. His face lit up when it happened. It was so cute!