Week 6 Bumpdate

Week 6 Pregnancy Bumpdate photo || Hayley Fiser || thehayleyfiser.com

This week has been dramatically different than the last few, and I hope it stays this way for a while.

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When is week 6?

Friday, October 6, 2017 - Thursday, October 12, 2017

What’s the size of the baby?

Baby is about 0.25 inches. According to my apps, that makes baby the size of a sweet pea or chocolate chip, and will be doubling in size again this week!

Waist size?

Now, I'm 27.5" around. That's another half an inch!


Body: At first, I was feeling a little more normal than before. It made me nervous that this is either the calm before the storm or something is wrong with baby. Without fail, things took a turn at the end of this week.

I do had two nagging symptoms this week that I also had last week. First, I'm exhausted. I don't know if it's because I'm getting poor sleep or because my body is so tired from making another person. Either way, I am less ready to get out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning than I was pre-pregnancy. Second, I've been having issues with... ehh hemm... number two. I'm going to try to increasing the amount fiber in my diet, and add more chia and flaxseeds to my yogurt. (If you didn't already know, I make my own yogurt at home in my Instant Pot pressure cooker. Learn about it here). I'm hoping that will help the issue.

Sleep: My quality of sleep is the only thing that hasn't gotten much better this week. It's making me feel exhausted all the time.

Cravings & Aversions: Still no crazy aversions, but I have realized that some dairy products have the tendency to make my stomach upset. So, I'm going to reduce how much I eat/drink in one sitting. However, limiting my dairy intake has put a damper on my biggest craving this week - macaroni and cheese. Depending on the day, time and commercials I've seen recently on TV, I've craved specific types of mac and cheese. Mainly, it's been KFC and Kraft.

Nausea: I honestly felt really good at the beginning of this week. The nausea had actually gone away for a few days. Then it had gotten a little more intense. It's still fairly easy to manage, but there are a lot more times I'm worried I'll loose my lunch. Luckily, in the mornings I feel good. The main issue is later in the day, when the fatigue starts to get to me, than the nausea becomes a bother. It's annoying, but not terrible. Fingers crossed that it doesn't get worse.

Movements: Too early for this one.

Dreams: I know I've been having more intense dreams this week, but I honestly can't remember a specific one.

Stretch Marks: Still early for this one, too.


Still no word on exactly when we will find out the gender, but take the poll below. I'd love to know what everyone thinks baby Fiser will be :)

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Must have items?

Pants with an elastic waist! I can still fit into most of my pants, but the treggings I have from H&M are so much more comfortable to wear than pants with buttons and zippers. The pairs I have were a little snug before the pregnancy, but I just cut a slit in the top elastic on each hip. They fit much more comfortably now. I'm probably going to place an order for a couple pairs in the next size up in the next week or two.

What do you miss?

There's nothing in particular, but it has been strange watching football without a beer.

What are you looking forward to?

Jason and I are both already on our toes waiting for the next doctor appointment. We're so excited for the ultrasound.

Best part of this week?

The first thing that happened that was amazing, was having our first doctors appointment. It was a pretty boring appointment, and there was a lot of blood work they had done. However, it made it feel a little more real.

Next, was telling Jason's parents and youngest sister. His sister was in town from Ann Arbor, and his mom's birthday is next week. So, we brought a gift over to her house, and I helped his sister cook the birthday dinner. We had a great time eating dinner, and after we were done, Jay gave his mom the gift. Inside were blocks I painted that said "34 weeks until grandbaby arrives." The numbers were made up of two cubes with numbers strategically on them. That way they can keep track of how much longer until the baby is here. His mom loved the gift, and there may have been some tears of excitement shed. It was so much fun to tell them, and be able to talk to them about it.

Challenges this week?

Honestly, this week has been pretty smooth considering how bad some women have it, but this exhaustion is making it difficult to get motivated to get up and go to work in the mornings...

Hubby’s thoughts?

This boy is terrible with secrets, and has started telling everyone. I honestly didn't care if we waited to tell people we were close with when we saw them, but Jay was a little unsettled with it. Now that the first doctor's appointment is out of the way, it seems like he's more than comfortable spilling the beans now.