Must Have Fall Skincare Products

Must Have Fall Skin Care Items || by Hayley Fiser ||

Fall ends up being a strange time for my skin. It starts to dry out more, and acne tends to creep up because of it. This means I have to mix up my skincare routine to keep up with these changes in my skin. Here are a few products that I love to use this time of year.

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Coconut Oil 

I love using coconut oil throughout the year as my makeup remover. It does a great job getting even the toughest makeup off - even waterproof mascara! Plus, it also cleans your skin and leaves it moisturized.

How I use it: I take a chunk of coconut oil that is about the size of a large marble out of the container (If it's really hard to get out, you can whip it up to make it easier to scoop out with your hands. Read how I do that here!). You rub that in between your fingers until it melts down into an oil. Then, you gently rub it on your face until you can see your makeup has broken up and rubbed off. You'll know your ready to wipe it off when your mascara makes you look like a panda! Finally, take a washcloth you damped with coconut oil, and remove the dirty residue from your face. You'll find that after you wipe it off, there will still be a light coat on your face that leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Sonic Face Brush and Cleanser 

Recently, I was sent a Clarisonic Mia 1* sonic face cleanser and a few other goodies from Clarisonic. I absolutely love this thing. Ever since stopping my hormonal birth control pill at the beginning of the beginning of the year, I've been having a real tough time keeping my acne under control. It be honest, it's basically second puberty, and my skin used to look like it did in high school... until now! This guy does such a great job of keeping my skin clear!

The bristles on this devise oscillate back-and-forth instead of around in a circle. This means that it is able to gently flush the water and cleanser into your pores to removes the dirt, oil and debris that ages your skin and causes breakouts. I've been using the acne brush head* and their refreshing gel cleanser*. It really does the trick, and my skin feels and looks so much better. If my acne clears up and says away, I'll probably switch to using the radiance brush head* that comes with the Mia 1. So far I've had a great experience with this device, and it's so easy to use. Currently, I use this every day, and it's actually gentle enough to use twice a day. I've been able to remember to use it every night, and most mornings. So far it has not caused any skin irritations, and I plan to continue using it daily.

Vaseline & Lip Masks

One major problem I have every fall and winter, its extremely dry, cracked lips. Sometimes they'll get so bad that they'll bleed. Yuck! Every day for the past few years I've put Vaseline on my lips in the morning. It has really helped, but there are still times that my lips get super dry. Plus, with the dark lip season in full swing, dry lips are a huge no-go.

So, over the past two months, I've use two of Rodial's Dragon's Blood Lip Masks* on my lips when they're pretty dry, and have seen amazing results. These infuse so much moisture into your lips in 15 minutes. By using Vaseline on my lips daily and these when they're in dire need of hydration, I haven't had any bleeding lips yet this fall!

Skin Serums & Oils

I love using serums and oils to add an extra shot of moisturizer to my skincare routine. The two products I love to use are by Nip+Fab and are their Dragon's Blood Plumping Serum*, and Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot* (note: this product does contain bee venom. Please do not use if you have an allergy!). What I'll do is add a pump of the serum with two drops of the repairing shot oil, and rub it on my face and neck. I love that a little goes a long way, and they're an extremely concentrated moisturizing option. They have a light-weight, moisturizing effect that doesn't leave your skill feeling sticky or goopy, which is always a bonus.

*I was not financially compensated for this post, but the products noted with an asterisk (*) I received for free for review purposes. The opinions expressed on this blog are completely my own, and based on my personal experiences.