Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs


Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs || Hayley FiserInstant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs || Hayley FiserInstant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs || Hayley Fiser You guys are probably going to get sick of hearing about my Instant Pot, but I'm addicted to cooking in it! One thing I have gotten really good at cooking are hard-boiled eggs. Overall it takes the same amount of time to cook the eggs in the Instant Pot verses on a stovetop, but It's very convenient cooking them in the Instant Pot. Plus, removing the shell is so much easier. I love that you can set it and forget it for a few minutes.

A Little Background On My Instant Pot

The pressure cooker I have is the 7-in-1 Instant Pot in the 6 quart size (yes, that's an affiliate link. Don't be scared. It just means I get commission if you buy something after clicking that link :) ). I've had it for a week now, and I've used it every day. There is definitely a learning curve to cooking in it, and you need to follow the instructions to ensure you use it correctly. I mean it is a pressure cooker... Improper use could lead to an explosion. Now don't get me wrong, these are very safe when used correctly, and it has a lot of mechanisms to make it safe. BUT! Please, please, please, if you buy one, follow the manufacturer's instructions!

How to Hard Boil Eggs in and Instant Pot

Now what you're here for... how do I make hard-boiled eggs in my Instant Pot? What you'll need:

  • 1 Cup of Water
  • The trivet that comes with your Instant Pot
  • Eggs (the most I've made is a dozen at one time)

You put the cup of water in your Instant Pot, and place your eggs on the trivet. I honestly don't know if you need to use the trivet, but I like to use it so the eggs are not sitting directly on the bottom of the pot.

Next, put the lid on and seal it.

Then, press Manual, and cook them on high pressure for 5 minutes. If this is the first time you've used your Instant Pot, you don't have to press any buttons after you have your settings correct. Wait a few seconds, and you'll hear it beep. Then it will start to build up pressure. Once it's fully pressurized, it will start the 5-minute cooking time.

After it's finished cooking, it will beep. If you don't press any buttons after it's finished cooking, the Instant Pot display will actually count the minutes it has been since it finished cooking. I let it naturally release the pressure for 5-7 minutes. Then, I manually/quick release the remaining pressure. You'll know if it's still pressurized, because the pin by the sealing/pressure release knob will still be up (it drops once it's depressurized).

Once it's depressurized, take the lid off your instant pot, and place your eggs in an ice bath for a few minutes. This will help cool them down, so they stop cooking and are easier to handle.

After 15-20 minutes, remove them from the ice bath. You should wait to remove the shells until you're ready to eat them. One thing I love about my Instant Pot boiled eggs is it's so much easier to remove the shell. I've seen videos online of people removing them with one hand! It's amazing!

Then, enjoy! You can make them into deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, add them to your salad, or eat them whole.