Guest Bedroom Renovation


This room has been my little project over the months. Fixing little things here and there. The last thing I wanted for this room was a new dresser, which we picked up a little over a week ago. I absolutely love this room, and wanted to share the final product with you!

The first thing we did was replace the part of the closet wall they removed. Lucky me, my hubby knew exactly what to do to fix that mess. While that was going on I used my electrical skills t0 replace the light with a ceiling fan, and took down all the wallpaper. Then, I took over the wall situation and (horribly) mudded and sanded the seams and holes. Once that was all set I painted the walls and trim, cleaned the floors, and then we brought in the furniture.

Taming The Jungle

Since the weather has been nice the past few weeks, my husband and I have taken on the daunting task of taming our back yard (or as Jason calls it, the Jungle). The photo above was taken in August when we moved into the house, and there were bees, spiders, snakes, poison ivy, and much more hiding in there. Needless to say, we do not want it to get that bad ever again. So, we started early, and have put a lot of blood and sweat into this backyard so far. We were even able to recruit family and friends to help one weekend. Ironically taming the backyard started with clearing out the front yard.

Jason started by removing a bunch of overgrown ground cover along the driveway and a fence that was falling down. We're going to replace most of this area with grass, but the part along the house has a beautiful weeping cherry tree, and I wanted to keep that here. So we moved daylilies and hostas from the jungle into this area, and added some lava rocks.

The daylilies were already quite large, so I started transplanting them all around the house; we even started giving some away, because there's so many. Our goal is to have as many daylilies and hostas transplanted, so we don't have to worry about killing them with weed killer and we can put down grass in the jungle area. I am still amazed at how many we have left to move. Once I got a decent amount of daylilies moved, we got some help to rake the area and look for the hosta that were just starting to sprout. We've found about 10 plants, but they're each 12-24 inches in diameter. Since there's so many and they're so big, we're still deciding where they're going to be moved to...


The weekend we had people over to help my mom and I started planting vegetable seeds in cardboard egg cartons, and Jason built me a raised garden bed. I'm really excited, because seedlings started to poke through about a week ago and now I have at least 3 seedlings of each plant! I'll definitely keep you posted on how my first garden goes throughout the summer.

Last weekend Jason and I did the most strenuous thing yet: pulling out over 150 square feet of patio pavers that were hiding in the jungle last summer. There were soooo many! We've had a few ideas of how to use them, but I'm pretty sure they're going to stay next to the deck until we get grass back there. We definitely don't want to move them any more than we have to.

No matter how much blood, sweat and tears goes into this backyard, it will all be worth it. In the end, this is what makes a house a home.

What yard work have you started already year?

Making a Cleaning Schedule

Making a cleaning schedule has changed my life! I have been super stressed about cleaning, and feeling like I was spending my whole evening and weekend cleaning or worrying about not having time to clean everything. So I went to Pinterest to see what others were doing for their cleaning schedules. Most of the ones I found had a list of every day chores (some  broke it down to morning and evening), another list for with a chore for each day, and a third list of things that don't need to be done every single day or week. I like the idea of a cleaning schedule, because if you miss a day you'll do it next week and the other areas of your house are still staying clean. It's been great having it as a check list before I walk out the door in the morning and when I get home at night. There's no worrying about what I'll clean, and when I'll get to it.

Making My Schedule

I took schedules and ideas from 3 or 4 different cleaning schedules to make my own. Since I work full-time I wanted to split up my morning items and my evening items, so I didn't get overwhelmed when I'm trying to get ready for work or trying to wind-down for bed. Also, I only wanted to spend an extra 15 minutes in the morning for the chore of the day, because I knew I could fit that in my current morning routine. Next, I wanted to make sure I vacuumed at the beginning of the week, because if we have people over or we're working outside there tends to be a lot of dirt tracked throughout the house. However, Buddy sheds a lot and I don't want to have people over on the weekend and have dust bunnies made of dog hair everywhere. So I added a quick vacuum on Thursday when I mop to make sure there's not a bunch of dog hair around my house. Another thing I did to make this schedule better for me is doing a load of laundry each day (wash it in the morning, dry it before dinner, and fold and put it away after dinner). I did this because I was trying to do laundry only on the weekend but we always seem to be gone or have people over and it wouldn't get done. Then most of our clothes would be dirty, and it was really overwhelming to wash, fold and put away 2+ weeks of clothes in a day.

Making Your Own Schedule

The best way to pick a cleaning schedule that works for you is think about your day. You might not find the perfect cleaning schedule for you online, but making a cleaning schedule is super easy to do yourself. Start by finding out what other people are doing (eh hem... Pinterest). Maybe you don't like the idea of the daily chore being all over the house, but would rather designate a room a day. Or maybe you are waaaayyy better at doing all your laundry all in one day (unlike me) and you can choose a day to do laundry. It's honestly super easy to make a cleaning schedule in Word or Publisher, and you can make one that fits your home's decor. Honestly, I'm sooo happy I took the 20 minutes to make my own, because it has saved me from a ton of stress!

Do you have a cleaning schedule?