How to Take Professional Looking Photos with Your iPhone


Most phones made in the past few years have very high quality cameras. When giving the right conditions my iPhone gives my big camera a run for its money.

Here are a few tips to help you get better photos with an iPhone:

  1. This one is key! Get as much diffused light on your subject as you can. Most phone cameras don’t perform at their best if you’re relying on indoor lighting, and tend to be much more grainy and blurry. I always shoot near an open window or in a shady spot outside whenever possible. 

  2. Tap the screen where you want it to focus. That will adjust where the camera is calibrating all the settings for exposure too. 

  3. On a similar note: you can slide the little sun that shows up next to the focus box when you tap it to adjust the exposure. When you move it up and down it will adjust the picture to be brighter or darker.

  4. Turn on the HDR setting. This captures multiple exposures of the same photo. Then it mashes them together to make one photo where everything is more evenly lit.

  5. Don’t forget to edit your images. There are lots of photo editing apps available to download, and many of them have a free option. They also have filters/presets you can use, so all of your images are edited consistently (this is great for creating a more cohesive Instagram feed, too). I prefer using Lightroom by Adobe.

Want to get even more tips and trick to take better photos with your iPhone? Check out my iPhone Photography eCourse!