The dress is here!

Long time no see! I'm sorry for the slight, uh, delay in posts. I'm quite busy now that my Senior year of college started. Anywho, to the main topic - my dress and our wedding plans! It felt like it took forever for my wedding dress to come in after it was ordered, but it is here. I love the dress, and it was everything I was looking for. It's gorgeous and has great hand-sewn details. Once I tried it back on, I didn't want to take it off. I don't want to give specifics about the dress, because Jay will most likely read this blog post... But, it is perfect!

Slowly but surely, we are checking things off our to-do list. We also got a DJ for the wedding, and, we are currently working with a local education facility's graphic design program to create the invitations and RSVP cards. Also, we (my mom) are pricing out cakes.

Now that I have the perfect man and perfect dress, I'm ready to get married!

PS: Sorry this post is kind of short. I need to get back to my homework :)