Social Media Strategy


Managing your business's social media can be overwhelming. If you feel like your business's social media accounts are lacking but don't know where to start to turn it around, then you probably need a social media strategy. Having a top-notch social media plan is the foundation to its success. I will help you understand how to reach your audience, and where and when you should be posting on each platform. 

I'm a firm believer that businesses need strategies and plans to be the most efficient. Social media is no different. Do you need help with more than just maintaining your social media? If you really want to take your online marketing to the next level to start converting followers into customers, then you really need to look at my Inbound Marketing Strategy Plan. Click the link below for more information. 

The Social Media Strategy package includes:

  • Three-week turn around

  • Audit findings report of your social media platforms

  • Target market engagement plan

  • Suggested posting schedules and topics

  • Action plan based on best practices with suggested priorities and timelines

Investment starts at $3,500

Ready to get the most out of your social media?