Social Media Audit


Is your social media doing alright? Like, you're not struggling coming up with content, but you're lacking engagement and your follower counts have plateaued. All you need are some pointers to make few minor tweaks to get you from good to great. Well, then this is probably the package for you.

I'll give you a third-party review on how you're managing your social media sites, and provide you with some tips on places where you can improve. I also include an action plan sheet, so you know what you need to work on and when. 

If you need more than a review of your social media pages and are looking for direction on what, where, and when to post, then you probably need a whole strategy. Check out my Social Media Strategy package at the link below.

The Social Media Audit package includes:

  • Two-week turn around

  • Audit findings report

  • Action plan based on best practices with suggested priorities and timelines

Investment starts at $1,000

Ready to clean up your social media?