Picture This!

Your business is booming and you still have time to do the things you love each day. You can take a vacation and your business is still running and clients are still booking while you’re gone. You have time to breathe and plan for bigger better things for you and your business each year.

You’re running your business, not the other way around.

Are you struggling to figure out where to even start to build your dream service-based business?

Maybe you have a business, but it’s more of a nightmare than a dream. You’re so overwhelmed and stressed trying to do everything that comes with running your business. You spend more time dealing with paperwork and finding clients than doing what you really love.

It doesn’t have to be like that! There is a way to set up a business that fits your lifestyle, and can change and grow along with you.

Does that sound too good to be true? I’m here to tell you, it’s not!


When I started my first photography business, I felt like I was constantly Google searching everything but still did it all wrong…

I was copying everyone else who looked like they had it all together on Instagram, instead of building the business that worked for me and how I wanted my life to be.

That’s when I made the decision to close down my family and newborn photography business, and take a couple years off. I took that time to focus on creating a business that actually worked for my life - not someone else’s.

Guess what? Photography became fun again!

I wasn’t stressed about all the crap that came along with running my business, because I put processes and systems in place to help handle some of the repetitive day-to-day tasks. My business finally started to work for me!

Now I have people who love my work so much they regularly refer me to their friends and family.

I actually have time to focus on building other aspects of my business that I never could have done. I can teach others the art of photography, and even offer support to fellow service-based entrepreneurs like you! This would have never been an option if I was still running my business as I was before.

Want to know the best part of it all? I get to spend time with my family and actually enjoy life without feeling guilty.

I want to take what I’ve learned from my experiences, and help you do the same!

The 4 S’s for Successes


This steps sets the foundation for your business including picking the niche you want to work in, defining your “why,” and outlining what lifestyle you want your business to create for you. Many people skip this and start deciding what they’re going to offer based on the people they admire. Instead you need to understand what you expect your business to provide. This is key for your business, because these things will help structure how you actually build it.


Now that you know what you want your business to be for you, you need to decide what your business will be for your clients. We’re going to work backwards though! Normally people price their services and then decide how many clients they need at that price to reach their revenue goals. In this phase, you’ll be crafting your own pricing model based on your revenue goals and the number of clients you want to take on that year. Then, you’ll build a value-based pricing structure for your business to allow you to reach those goals.


As artists, we tend to me fairly modest when it comes to sales. Along with your value-based pricing, you’ll be equipped with techniques to reach your ideal clients and get them excited to be able to work with you. My goal is that you’ll know how to confidently explain what you offer and the value you’re providing your clients without feeling like a sleazy salesperson.


Saving my favorite section for last! Once you have everything in place to confidently run your business, I’m going to share systems and processes you can implement help your business grow. These are things you can add to your workflows to streamline what you’re doing on repeat for each client. This will help you free up that time to focus on the more important things!

Are you Ready?

This isn’t a sit on the beach drinking piña coladas and a get rich quick scheme.

You will need to move out of your comfort zone and be willing to work hard. Expect to invest a significant amount of time, energy and money to see results.

I’ll be honest, it’s a scary thing to do and will feel uncomfortable at times. Don’t worry! I’ll be here to guide you along the way.

So, are you ready to take your service-based business seriously?

1-on-1 Coaching

There’s no need to do this business journey alone! My 6-month coaching package includes 60-minute calls twice per month where we will work together to build and grow your dream business. I will help you set goals, create a plan to reach them, and deal with any roadblocks along the way.



Group Coaching

My 8-week group coaching program is for you if you have a creative-service business, but need help getting more clients and scaling it for success. I’ll walk you through my four-step process, and help answer your questions about implementing it for you. Plus! You’ll get the chance to build relationships and grow with people who are at a similar phase of business as you!