white barn

My Growing Love of Candles


_DSC1418.2A few months back we had a terrible storm in the Lansing area, and power was going out in neighboring towns. In perpetration to lose power I rounded up the handful of candles I owned and lit them as daylight faded. Hours later we decided we should go to bed, and made sure to set alarms on our phones in case we lost power over night. As I went to blow out the candles I realized only 1 remained; the rest I had burned through and had to be thrown in the trash come morning. As I threw them away I was sadden because I loved the warmth our home had while they were lit. 

Since then I have been slowly collecting some candles, and my favorite by far was a house-warming present - Harvest Gathering by White Barn. We have found ourselves leaning toward candles with the warm, spiced food scents (like pumpkin and apple pie). The reason I'm writing this post is because I'm looking for some help... What candles should I get? I've heard great things about Bath and Body Works candles, but I haven't been out there yet and I don't know what scents I should try. Other than that, I don't know where else to look for candles.

Please help! Slide1