Ways to Make Money with Online Surveys


Online Survey on Computer You've probably heard about people who make money taking online surveys. It's definitely a great way to make a little extra money during your spare time.  Maybe you've thought about doing this yourself, but didn't know where to start. It can be difficult to figure out which survey companies are scams and which ones are legitimate. But don't worry! In today's post, I'm sharing three survey websites I have personally used to earn some spare change.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the product links with an asterisk (*), I’ll receive compensation. Let's be honest, mama needs a new pair of shoes :)


MyPoints has to be my favorite of the three. With this site, you earn points by completing different tasks including surveys, and shopping online and in store at different retailers. When you take surveys, you only get the full points if you qualify and complete the surveys. However, if you take the time to answer the preliminary questions and don't qualify, they still give you 5 points. You can also earn points by shopping online (if you have their internet browser plug-in activated), printing manufacturers' coupons through them and using it on in-store purchases, using their online-shopping coupon codes at check out, or even donating to your favorite charities. Once you have enough points you can redeem them for gift cards at popular retailers like Target and Amazon, or have them placed into your PayPal account. You can get $5 gift cards for just under 1,000 points, and up to $100 for almost 16,000 points.

Interested in trying out MyPoints? Sign up here!


SwagBucks is another survey program that rewards you for more than just taking surveys, but they currently don't offer the in-store rewards that MyPoints does. However, SwagBucks does have the an internet browser add-on to earn points while you shop major online retailers. Also like MyPoints, once you earn a couple hundred to a couple thousand points, you can cash them out for gift cards or a PayPal payout. More points equals more cash. Sign up for SwagBucks here!


This one is a little different then the other two. First, you earn points in much larger chucks. Because of this, you also need a lot more points to cash out. In addition to taking surveys, you're also able to participate in discussions and questions that focus on understanding public views. Lastly, instead of using PayPal to get cash like the other two, you have the option for a prepaid Visa gift card. If you're interested in joining YouGov, use this link to sign up and get 2,000 points after you complete your 4th survey!