Liquid Eyeliner

REVIEW: Jordana Fabuliner

A few weeks ago my Revlon liquid eyeliner dried up. Since the Revlon product wasn't my favorite eyeliner, I decided to try something new. Recently I have heard good things about the Fabuliner liquid eyeliner by Jordana, and price is amazing. So I decided to give it a try.  

As I mentioned the price is great - it's only $3! Plus, I was able to use my Walgreens rewards points and I only paid 11 cents. One major thing to mention is it can be hard to find Jordana products. Sadly they are only sold at 4 retailers nationwide, and not every location actually carries them. Lucky for me the Walgreens on my way home started carrying Jordana products at the beginning of the year. They were also hard to find in the store, because it was in a small display at the beauty section's checkout.

So once I found the product and bought it, how was it? Honestly, pretty great. The formulation of this product is da bomb, and it lasts all day. It's also very pigmented and the felt-tip applicator makes it very easy to apply. You can do a thin line, thick line, winged line, whatever you want very easily.

This is the first time I've used a felt-tipped, pen-style liquid liner, and I noticed it's a lot drier than if you use a felt-tip applicator you dip into the product. Because of this, it can pull on your skin if you're trying to push on you skin. So, I find myself having to hold onto the skin on the side of the eye (not pull though) when I'm drawing a winged liner. However, I had a problem with my old Revlon liner that if the coverage was thin and I went over the semi-dry liner, it would just erase the product that was there (similar to trying to write over a dry whiteboard marker). I never have that problem with this product, and I attribute it to the drier formula.

One other thing I noticed when I first started using this product, it had a very strong smell. It almost smells like a permanent marker when you start using the product. However, once it dries on your eye there's no more smell, and after using it for a week or two the smell dissipates.

Would I recommend this product? Yes! I am so much happier with this product than the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner that is two to three times more expensive. Other than the applicator being dry and the smell at first, the formulation and applicator are great. I believe this is the perfect product for someone who is starting out using liquid liners or trying winged liner. Plus it's a liquid liner that will last all day, that is only $3!

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What's your favorite liquid liner?