Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.53.39 AM My life will change dramatically after making two major moves in one month.

Home Life

The last few weeks have flown by, and with tons of help from family and friends our house feels more like a home. We moved out of our apartment within one week of having the house keys, which was a week ahead of schedule! Within that first week we were able to get the entire upstairs painted (that's 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and foyer), changed the light fixtures, added shelving in the storage room, and replaced all the doors the bank broke getting into the house when it was foreclosed.

After we moved in we hung our curtains and blinds, painted and replaced the lighting in the basement, and started organizing the house. Although the central air died on us a week ago, we're starting to get comfortable. Honestly, I am still amazed at everything our families and friends have given to us during this adventure, and I'm so thankful for that.

I haven't decided where I want to hang up photos and wall decorations yet, and we're still painting some furniture. So I'm not going to do any before and after posts of rooms for a few days (or weeks). However here's a sneak peek of the living room decor and color scheme - gray, red and white.


Work Life

If moving into a new house wasn't enough craziness for one month, I am also starting a new job. Tomorrow marks my last day at Güd Marketing and next week I start my new job with a State of Michigan marketing department. It's bitter-sweet to leave Güd. I'm going to miss seeing my friends at work everyday, but I'm eager for what's to come.

I'm also excited to have time to write for my blog regularly, and I can't wait to share what happens next!


When I Grow Up


As a young child, we were all asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" My answers ranged from a veterinarian to a fashion designer. Finally, a week before my 22nd birthHighday, I know my answer to this question. This was not easy; it took research, job shadowing, and volunteering to get to my answer.




Before starting college, I wanted to be a hair stylist and make-up artist. Luckily for me, my high school offered the opportunity to dual-enroll with a local cosmetology school during to a few students their senior year (3 classes and 40-50 hours a week at cosmetology school). I was selected to be a part of the program, and graduated from cosmetology school early (three weeks before I finished high school). After graduating I was supposed to go take my licensing test, and I would be able to work at a salon. However, I had a feeling inside of me that there was something else out there for me. So, instead of spending the money on getting my license, I went to a local community college.

While working on a philanthropy project for one of my classes at the community college, I had push in the right direction. For part of this project, we were to complete 15 hours of volunteer hours. So, I helped design signs for the youth director at a local church for their holiday events. She loved what I designed, and told me I should use my talents by going into marketing. This was the first time I had heard of marketing, but if it was as fun as designing posters I had to check it out.

So, I started a little research, which turned into hours and hours of research. The more I learned about marketing, the more I loved it. The different layers of marketing were so interesting, too - public relations, advertising, communications, personal selling, research and much more. It sounded perfect.

I'm seven weeks away from graduating, and I can proudly say that when I grow up I want to be a marketing manager in the beauty industry. Now, the real fun begins; time to find a job that will get me there. Wish me luck!