First blog post....ever

So, this is the very first blog post I have ever done. I figured I would write a short introduction about myself, so you can know what's going on at this point in my life. I am a full-time student at Central Michigan University, working part-time at Dow Corning Corp., and planning a wedding for June of 2013.

Jason, my fiancé, and I have known each other for over 3 years now (time sure can fly sometimes), and, although times get tough, I love him to pieces. When we moved in together we got a puppy from a local animal control center, and we named him Buddy (I nicknamed him "Booger").

Now that I am a senior in college and engaged, I have decided to take on more 'housewifey' duties... when I'm home. Jason has been teaching me how to cook things without a microwave, and I have been trying to make/do things to beautify our home. So far, so good :)

Another large project of mine is getting everything ready for our wedding in 1 year and 2 days. The theme we (I) chose for the nuptials is a 1930's old Hollywood glam with peacock colors and pearl accents. All we've done for the wedding so far is meet with the priest, book the church and the hall, and bought my gown. So, I'm hoping to display some of the DIY projects for the wedding and our home on this blog.

So... I think that's enough for now. Watch out! There's more to come.