How to Write Instagram Captions that Convert


Let’s talk about writing Instagram captions that help you build a following and get customers for your business!


Your Instagram captions should start with something that causes someone to stop scrolling and slow down to read more. This should only be 1 or 2 sentences that makes someone think, “hey, that’s something that effects me. I should read more.”

A lot of times I phrase these as questions or statements that speak directly to my ideal customers pain-points, or I take a strong stand on a topic. Here are a couple examples:

“Stop with the “if you build it they will come” mentality.”
”Change can be overwhelming, scary, and stressful.”
”Time is a non-renewable resource. Unlike with money, if you waste it, you can’t find ways to make more.”
”Is it really saving you money doing it yourself? I think you’d be surprised.”

Whenever possible, write your captions in second- or third-person narrative. You want your reader to think you’re talking directly to them. So you should avoid “I” sentences.

Bad: I’ve noticed it’s hard to find motivation for my instagram captions. 
Good: Sometimes it can be so difficult to find the motivation to write instagram captions. 

Remember! Instagram only shows the first 3 lines of a post before the “Read More”. So these need to be short and to-the-point!

Body text

This is where you tell a story. Readers like captions that have an arc to entice them to continue reading. So try to build some tension, anxiety, and/or excitement.

Build on the pain-point or stance you took in your headline statement. You want to make your case and have the readers believe you understand them and the topic you’re writing about.

Tie it up

Your readers want this to end in a pretty little bow. You don’t want to leave them hanging. So, don’t forget your call to action (CTA).

What’s a CTA? This is where you tell your reader what they should be doing with the information you just shared. Here are a few examples of CTAs you could use: should your reader be doing?

  1. Leave a comment

  2. Download my free guide (Link in bio)

  3. Look at one of your highlights

  4. A tip for the problem mentioned in the headline

Other Helpful Writing Tips

Not every post should be selling something. You should provide 3-5 informative posts with helpful tips, and information about you and your business inbetween sales pitches. Remember, Instagram is about being social and engaging with your audience. People don’t like to be sold to 24/7/365. Your first focus should be building your relationships. 

Don’t forget to use emojis! A study in 2018 found that Instagram posts using emojis had 15% more interactions. Crazy, right?! 🤪

If you ask a yes/no question in your captions, phrase it so the answer is “yes”. You want people to associate agreement, understanding and saying ‘yes’ with you and your captions. That way, if you ask them to do something, they’re more likely to say “yes” to it.

Do you struggle getting the spaces in between paragraphs? Make sure there are no spaces after the last character (punctuation, letter, or emoji) of your sentences before the line breaks. If you leave a space, then the next sentence will be moved up to be after that space.


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