Kitchen & Dining Room Update: Servin' Up A New Design

We were so excited to get rid of the brass finishings and put up a fresh coat of paint in our kitchen. It was amazing how a few small changes made such a large impact. 

Kitchen Updates

First was painting and changing out the hardware. The original hardware was brass with a Grecian leaf print. I opted for the more modern nickel hardware, which really complements the newly painted, light gray walls. The new hardware came from Menards and was apart of their discounted 10-pack collections.


We also replaced the brass and wood ceiling fan with a new nickel and wood one that also came from Mendards. Changing the light fixtures (not only in the kitchen, but the whole house), as well as changing all the outlets, switches and covers from brass and almond to white brought the house out of the 80s.

Organizing & Decorating

It took some trial and error to get everything in a spot that made sense and was also easy to access while prepping and cooking food. After everything was situated, we made a trip to IKEA with my family and most of our purchases were for our kitchen including:

  • new canisters for flour, sugar and coffee
  • the Gundtal hanging system that's above our sink
  • new spice canisters
  • an extra-large cutting board
  • a red dresser we have our microwave and Keurig on (in the dining room)
  • an organizer for pots and pans lids (not shown)

Dining Room

Our house's main dining area is apart of the kitchen, so I thought I'd include it in this post. In this area we also painted the walls the same light gray as the kitchen, and decorated.


As mentioned before we have an IKEA dresser in our dining room the was have some appliances on, and we are going to create open storage where the top shelf should be. Also, I purchased the same curtains for the dining room as the living room, so the areas flow together (all of our curtains and curtain rods came from

We also have a bench along the opposite wall, so we could have our dining room table off-centered. I also added a collage of photos above the bench. Someday we will have a built-in bench along this wall that has storage under the seats... Someday.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and come back soon to see what we do next.